Hooray! I matter!

I got a campaign mailer!

Those of you living in the US are probably completely jaded about this by now, I get that, but I haven’t gotten one of these in ages. It’s from Bill Wadsworth, the Republican candidate looking to be re-elected to State Rep. It came with a nicely-done CV and statement of principles, along with a letter that someone had written my name on in what I assume is ink.

Well played, Bill.

Now keep in mind, he’s too late – I’ve already sent my ballot back, and even if I hadn’t, I would rather set my own hair on fire than give a vote to the Republican party. He seems like a decent guy on paper, but he doesn’t belong to a decent party, and there’s no way in heaven or on earth I’ll reward them with my privilege as a citizen.

Still, I have to give Wadsworth credit: His people must have sent this out right after my ballot application arrived, and it raced across the planet only to be a couple of days too late. On top of that, I’m a voter living abroad – not exactly a demographic that’s going to tip the scales for this or any other election. Someone made the decision to send this to me, and for some reason that warms my cold, shriveled heart a little.

Man, I need to get more mail.

So kudos to you, Bill Wadsworth! If you weren’t allying yourself with bigots, plutocrats, and thieves, this might have convinced me to vote for you. Better luck next time.