Well hello, Tall, Blue and Handsome….

Yup, The Boyfriend and I saw Avatar today, and before I get spoilery with my nitpicks, let me first say that it was one hell of a film. I saw it in 3D, but I think I would prefer not to do that again – I kept wanting to take off the damn glasses so I could see the movie better, and I found that 3D objects in motion were much less clear than things that were stationary.

But still – wow. A great adventure story, visually amazing. And I think we’ve finally found the other end of the Uncanny Valley with this film. At no time during the movie did I look at the Na’vi or their world and think, “Oh, that’s just CGI.” I mean, I knew it was – about 60% of the film was done in the computer, according to IMDB – but nothing stood out and screamed “Look at me, I’m a special effect!” Probably for the same reason no one snowflake stands out in a blizzard. But the world was stylistically consistent – highly influenced by undersea biology, methinks – and the performances were rendered well enough that I could believe in what I was seeing. So bravo right there, Cameron. You got me and kept me for every one of those 162 minutes.

But because I can’t leave well enough alone….
Here’s where I start overthinking it