Thanksgiving, Day 7: Distance

I’ll make this quick, as it’s been a tiring day.

Barack Obama won, as well he should have. The campaign – the endless, endless campaign – felt like an ever-increasing burden on my mind, and as every day drew closer to the election, I fretted and worried and refreshed Nate Silver’s site…

And I’m not even in the country.

There are times when I do miss being in the States, but election season isn’t one of them. It’s one of those times when I’m glad for the immense distance between me and the funhouse mirror universe that is a Presidential campaign.

People back home have complained endlessly about the mailers, the robo-calls, the inescapable attack ads and pollsters and door-knockers. For the people back in the homeland, this was the water you swam in, the air you breathed for the last eighteen months because you had no choice.

I, on the other hand, do. I can choose the websites I visit and the television I watch. IF I see an attack ad, it’s usually only after it’s been chewed over on The Daily Show and mocked relentlessly on the internet that I deign to go to YouTube and check it out. Hell, even the time distance insulates me – when something huge happens, it’s while I’m sleeping. I wake up and get the settled-dust aftermath.

This distance keeps me safe, it keeps me sane. In normal times it’s frustrating and unpleasant, but during an election season? It is comfortable as all hell…

Four more years…

3 comments on “Thanksgiving, Day 7: Distance

  1. It was exhausting but it was worth it. Most of us are happy in the states.

  2. […] I can talk to friends and family, share evens in real time and know what they know. Even though I do appreciate the distance at times, the fact is that the internet keeps me close to the place I grew up in. I can buy my comics […]

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