Take a Deep Breath…

I’m going to make this one a little short, since my body has decided that what it needs right now is to be allergic to something. So while I still have not yet gone mad from sneezing and tissue abrasions, let’s do a roundup of NaNoWriMo Part Five: Air.

  • In Self-Guided Tour, a young Ezra Resnick (whom we have seen before as an adult) is still learning what he can do with his ability to pass through solid matter. And what better way to test that ability than to walk right into one of the most heavily-guarded buildings on the planet: the White House.
  • Spotlight is a look at a former celebutante – a person famous just for being famous – who has tried to leave her old, shallow life behind her and vanish from the public eye. Angie Gallagher learns that disappearing in this day and age is harder than she thinks.
  • Prince of the Air, part one and part two, tells of young Prince Rissandir of the magic-powerful kingdom of Ardenspire. Rissandir wants to fly without magic, using a machine of his own design. His experiment could change the world. Or kill him. One or the other.
  • Before the Storm, a flash fiction of panic, anticipation and fear of a most formidable force of nature.
  • Up, Up, and Away, a story of the annoyances of flying and the lengths a friend will go to to get a lift.

Quite a few of these stories were related to air in a metaphorical way, sometimes a couple of steps removed. The most obvious example is Spotlight, which seems to have nothing to do with the theme whatsoever. Here’s how the thought chain went: Air > invisibility > trying to stay hidden > from people who really want to find you. Before the Storm was also more symbolic than it seemed at first glance. Mostly because I hate small children. But the rest were pretty straightforward, I think.

My favorite of this section was Prince of the Air, which got a nice comment from someone who said that he was pretty much beyond fantasy fiction right now, but really liked the characters. And honestly, so did I. Rissandir and Calaris appeared in my head pretty much fully-formed and already bickering, which is great. For a lot of those scenes, all I had to do was sit back and write down what they were saying. It made it a lot easier to examine the motivations of the brothers, too, since they were much more willing to talk to me.

Important plot point: aether doesn't exist.

All in all, this section netted me a paltry 11,742 words, mainly because I busted through the NaNoWriMo goal and can now afford to throttle back a bit. The grand total thus far is 60,593, which is impressive enough that the NaNo stats page had to bump the graph up to 80,000 just in case I have a final, manic burst of creativity in the next five days.

Which, by the way, is Aether – time to explore things like ghosts, telepathy, maybe astral travel, possession and angels and demons and stuff. I’m looking forward to this one…


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