The New 52 – 3rd Week

And here we are with Week Three – a big week for superheroines, both good and bad. A few gems in the rough, and then a bunch of rough. So why don’t we get started….? Watch out for snakes spoilers!

Let’s go!

The New 52 – 2nd Week

Well, since I had such fun last week, staying up late and burning pixels into my retinas, I thought I’d do it again! The second wave of #1 comics was released this week, with a few gems, a couple of head-scratchers, and an overall sense that the kids over at DC have some interesting tricks up their sleeves. Spoilers will be aplenty, of course, so read at your own risk.

But enough of my yakkin’.

Let’s boogie.

The New 52 – It Begins Here!

Before we begin, let me just say that I’ve really been looking forward to this. I know it’s unsettling to see our favorite heroes and villains completely revamped, especially since DC has a habit of doing universe reboots every few years as it is, but any chance to get a fresh look at old stories is fine by me. And so, here’s what we have so far and, more importantly, my thoughts on it. Fair warning, there’ll be spoilers involved here.

More inside…